The MWA2J Project is an international research collaboration directed to advancing rights-based labour migration frameworks, particularly in Asia. The project combines rigorous legal analysis of labour migration systems and governance, with social science research into migrant workers’ engagement with those systems. Focusing in particular on enforcement of rights and migrant workers’ access to remedies, the project generates detailed empirically-grounded recommendations for reform of laws, policies and practices.  Project members engage in dialogue with stakeholders in origin and destination countries, and provide advice, training and law reform support to governments, civil society and international organisations.

MWA2J project members work on issues including:

  • Human rights protections for migrant workers
  • Preventative measures for combatting human trafficking and labour exploitation, and remedies designed to provide redress and accountability for human trafficking and labour exploitation
  • Migrant workers’ access to justice
  • Recruitment regulation
  • Strategic litigation for migrant worker rights
  • Gender and migration, and
  • Law and development.